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Mini Mall allows customers to modify both orders that are not in transit as well as orders that are in transit. Orders that are not in transit can be updated without any additional handling and delivery cost and only the difference in payment amount has to be paid. In addition, orders that are in transit will require customers to bear additional delivery and handling cost together with any difference in payment amount.

Please call us in-store and update new delivery address as soon as possible. Delivery is normally sent within a day so changes have to be made promptly otherwise customers will have to bear additional cost of delivery.

As all deliveries are managed by EMS which is a service provided by Post Fiji Limited. Thus, we cannot guarantee same day delivery. Standard delivery times are 1-2 days after payment for customers in Vitilevu and 7-14 days for customers in the outer islands

Currently our website accepts direct Bank Transfer(BACS) and PayPal payment methods only. However, you can also pay by money transfer services like western union by informing us beforehand.

Unfortunately, we do not accept Cash on Delivery due to safety reasons.

Yes, all deliveries are sent after payment has been cleared into our business bank account.

This depends on the Bank you are using. We are using Bank of South Pacific(BSP) so any transfers made from the same bank accounts will be cleared instantly. Transfers from other bank accounts normally take 1-3 days to clear. PayPal payments also take 1-3 days to be cleared.

You can return any product within 14 working days provided you meet the requirements of our return policy. Basically, the returned product should be in the same condition as it was bought. Soiled or damaged products will not be returned. However, if a product has a defect and we find that the defect is caused by the supplier, then the product will be returned or exchanged without any extra cost to the customer.

In the case of a defect proven to be from the suppliers side, the delivery cost is normally paid by us. A return for any other reason will require the customer to bear the cost of return delivery. Read more in our return policy and terms and conditions.

Yes, customers can exchange a product provided the returned product is in the same condition as it was bought. Read more in our Return Policy and terms and conditions.

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